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As a leading professional tourism consulting firm in China, Ivy Alliance has profound knowledge about the operating model of domestic and international tourism market. Ivy Alliance has comprehensive resources in both Chinese and international tourism industry.


Strong Industry Background

With strong background in tourism industry, Ivy Alliance has accumulated great resources by maintaining sound and cooperative relationship with renowned multi-national corporations, leading domestic tourism groups, tourism enterprises, tourism administrations and international organizations. Ivy Alliance is a member of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) as well as the director member of China Association of Travel Services (CATS).


Close cooperative relation with Chinese government sectors

With working experience in China national tourism administration, the founding member of Ivy Alliance is very knowledgeable about government’s regulations on tourism industry. The core member of Ivy Alliance participated in the drafting of Chinese government’s laws and regulations on tourism, provided tourism policy advisory and evaluation on government projects as well as consultancy on regional tourism development and planning.


Abundant tourism operation and management experience

The leadership team at Ivy Alliance represents over 20 years of experience in tourism industry and is very familiar with the business mechanism and characteristics of tourism enterprises. Equipped with operational and management experience working with different types of tourism enterprises, the leadership team has strong industry background and hand-on expertise which is unmatchable by other consulting firms.


Highly qualified work team

Ivy Alliance has a proficient and highly qualified work team with international vision. All of the team members hold master or doctor degrees, with working experience in government, tourism enterprises or professional research institutes. Especially, 50% of core team members have overseas education and professional experience.


Top Expert Advisory Panel

Ivy Alliance also has an Expert Advisory Panel consisting of domestic and international industry experts, senior executives from renowned tourism enterprises and experts in tourism related field.