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The 11th International Forum on Chinese Outbound Tourism held in Beijing—-Outbound Tourism Takes Lead in “One Belt, One Road” Initiative



Tourism as an open and comprehensive industry plays a unique role in implementing the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. Chinese outbound tourism is especially welcome among Silk Road related countries. To discuss the new opportunities of cooperation and development among China and “One Belt, One Road” related countries, learn the trend of Chinese outbound tourism market, promote “Silk Road” featured tour products, enhance business exchanges, the Silk Road Tourism Cooperation Forum & the 11th International Forum on Chinese Outbound Tourism(IFCOT2015)was grandly held in Beijing on June 29th, 2015. (Co-organizer: World Tourism Cities Federation and Ivy Alliance Tourism Consulting; partnered with China Comfort Travel Group, PATA etc.)


Mr. Fan Juling, Vice Director of China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) presented the forum on behalf of CNTA and delivered a keynote speech, noting that, the “One Belt, One Road” initiative will bring great opportunities to tourism development of Silk Road related regions and will promote the cooperation between the world tourism cities.


Mr. Song Yu, Secretary-general of World Tourism Cities Federation; Chairman of Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, in welcome speech



Mrs. Cecilia SZILAS, Ambassador of Embassy of Hungary in Beijing, China, in welcome speech


Chinese outbound tourism market upgrade to level 2.0; the Outbound Tourism Price Index (OPI) newly released

Dr. Wang Xinjun, CEO of Ivy Alliance Tourism Consulting, a China leading tourism consulting company, explained in his keynote speech the 8 features of market 2.0: 1) the number of outbound travelers continues to grow; 2) Customer demand become diversified, personalized and fragmented; customized travel demand in increasing; 3) more and more travelers in 1st-tier tourists generating markets have multiple or frequent outbound trips, while the number of tourists from 2nd-tier markets keep growing; 4) the business of outbound tour operators and overseas tourism suppliers evolve into different operation models, quality suppliers become more recognized and popular among buyers and travelers; 5)The overseas consumption of Chinese tourists keeps increasing; 6) F.I.T market keeps rapid growth, expanding from short-haul destinations to medium and long-haul destinations; 7) OTA keeps rapid development with more diversified businesses, while traditional travel agents are facing transformation; 8) the concentration of tourism industry gradually change from diverted to concentrate.


Dr. Wang Xinjun, CEO of Ivy Alliance Tourism Consulting in keynote speech


China Outbound-tourism Price Index (OPI) was released on this forum for the first time. Mr. Lu Ting, Chief Economist and Director of Research Institute, Huatai Securities introduced and explained the OPI in details. The composite index in July is 115.1, reflecting that the consumption of Chinese outbound tour products increased 15% compared to June. Based on big data analysis of the Chinese outbound tour prices, OPI covers price indexes of Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, Middle-East & Africa, Islands and a few representative destination countries. The OPI is implemented and announced collectively by Ivy Alliance Tourism Consulting, Huatai Securities, Utour, and China Association of Travel Services, and has significant meaning in helping to understand the overall situation and price structure of outbound tourism market, identify quality tourism product and guide the consumption of Chinese travelers.


As Chinese leading travel group and outbound tour operator, China Comfort Travel (CCT) Group has 280 branch offices and over 6000 retail stores in China. The Vice President of CCT, Mr. Zhou Xiaoding delivered a keynote speech and introduced CCT’s experience and future plan on Silk Road tourism product development.


Panelists of the Silk Road Tourism Session: Mr. Bo Wu, Greater China Regional Director of Pacific Asia Travel Association; Mr. Cao Jian, Vice President of Beijing Utour International Travel Service Co., Ltd; Mr. Fotis Provatas, Chairman of Greek – Chinese Economic Council; Mr. Liu Jin, Vice President of China Comfort Travel Group; Mr. Vlad Koriagin, Chairman of the Board of Baltic Travel Group; Mr. Lu Jun, General Manager of China International Travel service Beijing



New Criteria on tourism suppliers to be released by CATS

In order to promote the quality of outbound travel services, help Chinese travelers and travel agencies identify and select overseas quality tourism suppliers, “Criteria of Certification and Assessment for China Outbound Tourism Quality Service Suppliers” (QSC) was firstly published in 2013. According to the requirement of transferring the roles and functions of government departments, China National Tourism Administration has handed over the relevant work of QSC Program to China Associate of Travel Services (CATS), who is undergoing the optimizing and amending of the previous Criteria in order to officially release to the public soon.




New thinking of Silk Road tourism development

The theme of this forum is “One Belt, One Road, New Impetus of International Tourism”. It’s the first time, from the angel of Chinese citizens’ outbound travel, to discuss product development and regional tourism cooperation of Silk Road related destinations, and the “Maritime Silk Road in 21st Century”- the potentials and trend of Cruise travels, which drew great attentions from relevant countries, tourism organizations and companies.



Panelists of destination theme session: Dr. Wang Xinjun, CEO of Ivy Alliance Tourism Consulting; Mr. Yu Dunde, CEO of Tuniu.com; Mr. Mohamed Faisal, Ambassador of Embassy of Maldives in China; Ms. Zhang Hong, General Manager of Sparkle Tour, CYTS; Mr. Zhang Xiangming, General Manager of Beijing JETTOUR International Travel Service; Ms Mint Leong, Secretary-General of the Malaysia Inbound Tourism Association



Renowned guest speakers, including Mr. Li Weiqun, Secretary General of China Association of Private Equity, Mr. Zou Tongqian, Deputy Director, World Tourism Cities Federation Expert Committee, Mr. Yang Fuxiang, Deputy General Manager of Product Department, UnionPay delivered keynote speeches on the event. The topics covered New Direction of Tourism Investments under “One Belt One Road” Initiative, New Chances for Tourism Cooperation and “One Belt One Road” Initiative, UnionPay Big Data and Tourism Guidance, which were quite inspirational and helpful to the audiences.


Panelists of Cruise Tourism Theme Session: Mr. He Shengkang, Secretary-General of WTCF Tourism-Related Businesses Committee; Mr. Lorenzo Diamantini, Vice General Manager of Greater China, MSC Cruises; Ms. Wang Shujuan, Deputy Director General of Qingdao Tourism Bureau; Mr. Alex Xiang, Deputy General Manager of Royal Caribbean Cruises Service (China ) Co. Ltd; Mr. Ren Tao, Business Director of Cassia International Travel Service; Mr. Steven Donne, Board Chairman of ylly.com


Keynote speech by Mr. Li Baochun, Deputy Secretary-General of World Tourism Cities Federation


Over 300 participants, including government officials of embassy in China, delegates from destination tourism board, travel-related companies (OTA, wholesalers, agents), investment agencies, some province and city-level Chinese tourism bureau, institutions and dozens media attended the forum. Overseas participants come from more than 30 countries and regions, which are the following: Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Maldives, Cambodian, Lao, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Japan, Iran, UAE, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Latvia,  Greece, German, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Switzerland, Britain, Macedonia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Bahamas, Peru, and South Pacific Islands.

Since 2003, International Forum on Chinese Outbound Tourism (IFCOT, http://ifcot.outbound-tourism.cn) has been successfully held for 11 times, attended by more than 3,800 elites and trade insiders from China and abroad. Featured as authoritative, high-end, pragmatic and effective, IFCOT is an influential and high standard summit within China and Asia-Pacific region, highly recognized by the industry and in the meantime followed closely by media. IFCOT also performs as an important platform collecting various resources in Chinese outbound tourism, which is conducive for Chinese and overseas tourism organizations/enterprise to conduct exchange and cooperation.